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Friday, December 3, 2010

Friday Art Project

I've heard alot about a cutting machine called The Cricut. It's like a die cutter, but can do SO much more than just basic shapes. I had planned on ordering one online, but my "deal-hunter" dad found a Black Friday sale. While I was warm in bed, my sweet dad braved the crowds and lined up at Michael's at 5:30am. I can't help but giggle when I imagine him lined up outside of the craft store with all of the crazy craft-hunting women. At 6:05am he texted me, "Got the Cricut". I'm thankful for my sweet dad.

I've had fun tinkering around with my new toy, but today I did my first official project. I etched "Hill" into our casserole dish! It's a darling way to make sure my dish gets back to my house!
And by using the Cricut I was able to complete the whole project in about 30 minutes. I love it! I think Chris is a little worried that everything glass in our house is about to get tagged... and that's probably a valid fear!