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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Real Simple

Today I organized my closet.

It's been about a year since we moved into our little home on Community. Which means it's been about a year since I first organized my closet. So this was due.

Here are some photos mid-process (to be fair, it got worse before it got better):

A trip to Bed, Bath and Beyond gave me everything I needed:
100 Real Simple Hangers (and their clips for skirts/pants),
2 Real Simple Accessory Hangers
16 Wonder Hangers

Here's the result:

I don't usually buy things "as seen on TV", but the Wonder Hangers are great! Truly did give me more space.
And I'm extremely happy with the Real Simple hangers and accessories. Getting rid of all the mismatched hangers (especially the wire ones from the dry cleaners) felt so nice!

Next up on the Hill organizing machine... the pantry!


  1. What have you done with my daughter?!? (Looks Real Nice, Katie)

  2. come over and help me organize my closet~!!!!

  3. Can I clone you and have you in Baton Rouge to help organize the Hill compound?