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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Martha Strikes Again

Martha "little miss perfect" Stewart has been aggravating us amateur diy'ers for over two decades. With her "it's so simple" projects that never look the same as the beautiful photo, it's no wonder we hate to love her. 

Here's what I tried to tackle yesterday:

So cute. So simple. So here's what mine looks like:
In the past I've been (rightfully) accused of not exactly following a recipe... but this time I followed it exactly! I promise! I even broke out a real candy thermometer to make sure the suger was heated to 260 degrees!

I thought maybe it would taste better than it looked (which Chris said was like I had killed something).
But nope, it tasted disgusting. So much for homemade marshmallows with hot chocolate. I guess I'll have to buy some in the bag like the rest of us normals. Ah Martha, when will I ever learn to ignore you?

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