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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Decorating for Christmas Part 2

In an earlier post I documented our Christmas decor that was pretty much a repeat from last year (our first Christmas in this house). I've added on since then and now (less than a week before Christmas) I'm pretty sure I'm done for this year!

Last year we had no place to put our Christmas cards (something I didn't really realize until it was too late) so this year I made use of some vertical space:

You can barely tell, then there's ribbon back there that the clips are attached to. I couldn't find tiny, colored clothes pins, so I just spray painted the normal ones!

Last year I worked on two Christmas themed cross-stitches and this year I'm finally able to show them off:
The second one is part of a series, but I've only finished "Three French Hens" and "A Partridge in a Pear Tree". My goal is to have "Two Turtle Doves" done by 2011's Christmas season!

Last week's Friday Art Project were these guys:
And this week's was this banner:
(I've been told that means "Merry Christmas" in Cajun.)

Lastly, I used my Cricut to cut out some vinyl and jazz up some candles that go around the house:
I just love coming home to a festive house! Happy Birthday Jesus!

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