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Monday, December 27, 2010

Party, Party, Party!

Whew! My head is spinning from all of the Christmas festivities! I love reconnecting with friends and family during the season... and going to fun parties!

My friend, Amy, hosted a classic dinner party a few days before Christmas for (most of) the Stables girls (we missed you, Steph T!).
We all used to work together at Second Baptist Church in a skinny room (think hallway) with four cubicles back-to-back. The set-up reminded me of horse stalls, so we lovingly named the group, the Stables. Such a fun work environment!
Amy, the newlywed, was so smart to host the classic dinner served on her china! I definitely need to crack ours out more. She served delish appetizers, a fun drink with raspberries and a wonderful dinner. It's so refreshing to have girl-talk with these genuine, loving ladies!

After dinner we had a gift exchange. The rules were $5 to fill the gift bag (or box) with as many fun items we could find. I brought a $1 felt bucket (found at the Target dollar area) and 400 pennies. But the most creative had to be the gift Lindsey got (given by our host, Amy) which was named Fruits of the Spirit!
Her bag was full of some favorite (and some not so familiar) fruits-- so smart!

It was fun to catch up with the Stables and giggle with the girls!

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