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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Firm Christmas Dinner

Hot off the heels of Amy's Christmas dinner, I decided to host a little one of my own!

Four of my dear friends from high middle school have all grown up and parted ways (geographically speaking). Three of us are married, three of us have post-graduate degrees (or will soon), one of us has a child and all of us are (mostly) productive members of society.

I don't have a pic of all five... but here's one of three of us:
(I'm laughing; not trying to look so evil!)

Chris and I did our best to serve a meal of roasted chickens (from Ina Garten), green beans, broccoli, red grape & almond rice pilaf and chocolate molten lava cake.
It's called Engagement Chicken because it's supposed to be so good that if you cook it for your boyfriend... he'll propose! It only serves 2-3, though. We had 8 people coming, so we quadrupled the recipe. We didn't think to add more time to the cooking... so we ate at 9:45pm. Oops! Thankfully good friends are forgiving of culinary disasters. That and the fact that we had plenty of wine and apps kept us from having to make an emergency call to Papa John!
(You can kind of see the Baked Brie that I made from HJL's Peace Meals and my friend, Kate's blog)
Here you can see our new table getting some good use as well as Ina Garten's Chicken Satay (more on that in a later blog). You'll also notice my dad... my parents came by for drinks before dinner... it was cute.

Lastly, a pic of our new chandelier... think I should add shades?
All in all a great (if not very late!) dinner.


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  3. Your home looks so beautiful for the holidays! We really enjoyed seeing everyone, all grown up and all. We remember when, when you all were hungry growing teens, our pantry was raided almost nightly! But we tried to keep it well-stocked, cuz we wanted ya'll to keep coming over. You are a great group of friends - never lose track of each othe

  4. Sorry, I messed up the grammar in the other two comments. And yes, I think you need to cover the chandelier bulbs. I like glass shades best, and they come in so many styles.