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Saturday, January 22, 2011


I've been spending a lot of this year crafting. Enhancing items with glass etching or vinyl or fabric. I've been soaking in inspiration from the internet and scouring stores for ideas (and supplies). Although I'm not ready to "officially" launch* my etsy store, I have been slowly building my repertoire and have even sold a few items!! 

*When I'm ready to "launch" I'll post a status on Facebook... until then, I'm just mentioning it to friends who ask, "what have you been up to?" :)

Here are some things I've been working on:
Full, red wreath covered in flannel rosettes! I think it's adorable! If it didn't take so darn long to make, I'd have one in each color! But for now I've sold the red one and working on a purple one. (Upcoming post: the difference between felt and flannel... doh!)
 (This one might need to get jazzed up with some green and gold for Mardi Gras!)

I've also been glass etching like crazy! That's one of the reasons I don't want to advertise my little store too much yet... there's so much glass etching on there, I'm afraid people will think that's all I do!

Personalized decals are SO in right now; I've been able to make a few for some customers (this is what it looks like when I ship it, you peel off the white stuff, then stick it to the wall... or helmet... or whatever you're using!).
I have lots of other tricks up my sleeve including coasters, party invitations, cupcake toppers, screen printed onsies, lush throw pillows and maybe even some jewelry! But my business motto has always been "slow and steady" so it might be a while before all my inspirations are listed!

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