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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

King Orion XIII and his Court

This past weekend Chris and I went to Baton Rouge. While you might say one never needs an excuse to visit family, we did have some work to get done in the planning for PD's reign on February 26th.

We all gathered Saturday morning as the King met his court for photos. This was the first time they all had their complete outfits on for the first time. It was a struggle getting PD to sit still for the transformation, but finally the King arrived:
And the photos started:
The pages were adorable. PD had the little boys laughing and dancing throughout the shoot!
Here's that same page watching the big kids:
Before everyone left, PD got a quick pic with part of his planning krewe:
And as expected, PD's outfit was coming apart within a few hours:
Although the mustache was off, PD insisted on wearing his beard to lunch. It wasn't long, though, before that was also falling off and we got creative...
Things are getting busier and busier, but we're excited to pass a good time with everyone soon!

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  1. Gosh. I always wanted to be a blonde. Lookin' cool, P. D.