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Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Cake for a King

PD's King's Party was last weekend and was a BLAST!

There were a million little details to think about while getting everything together... but one detail we didn't think about once... dessert! For a King's Party, the only appropriate dessert seemed to be King's Cake, right?
Well our King had a different idea and hired Laura's friend, Kyla do bring a cake. I'll admit it... I was skeptical. But boy was I wrong!
PD is in a bowling league with Kyla and her husband. One night at the alley, the idea came up... and Kyla sketched out this gem:
Here she is with the finished product:
And a close up of the edible King:
Now I love the taste of a good King's Cake... but Kyla's was even more amazing! She made twice as much as needed... and there were no leftovers!

King PD keeps kicking his reign up a notch... and this cake was no exception!

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