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Friday, February 18, 2011

Day 3; Part 2

Stay with me... we're almost done with the Dozen Disney Posts...

Once we finished breakfast, we barely beat the crowds to get on Space Mountain. On our way, a man (cast member) walked up to us and asked about our shirts. When he realized Lindsay was a bride, he insisted on escorting her to the ride.

He was very serious and proclaimed often, "Make Way for the Princess!"
Then he left with a bow:
And sprinkled Lindsay with bubbles:
It was so cute and such a great example of the small things that Disney cast members do to make sure their guests have a special experience.

After Space Mountain, I introduced the girls to my favorite Disney tradition:
The pink tea cups! I must ride them every time I visit and I MUST ride in a pink one. If there are no pink tea cups available, I'll wait until one is. It's been this way since I first visited 24 years ago.

Then we rode Winnie the Pooh's ride:
And visited the Fairy Godmother so Lindsay could be sprinkled with pixie dust:
(You can kind of see it on her shirt.)
Once she was all ready to fly... we went on Peter Pan's Flight:
And lots of other rides. We were four fun-loving mouse hat-wearing ladies!
On our way out, Elizabeth asked if we could stop by and see the piano player on Main Street. She had visited Walt Disney World many times as a child with her father and has fond memories of the piano player. Her first visit was in 1984 and she remembered seeing the same player until her last visit in her early 20's. She enough... it was the same man! We asked, and he's been playing there since 1983! It was a very touching moment.
After a sweet walk down memory lane (and Main Street) we headed back to the hotel for a rest... our last Disney installment is tomorrow... then to Mardi Gras Madness!

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  1. Great photos! I've so enjoyed reading about this fun, magical time you planned for Lindsay. The perfect bachelorette party!