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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day 3 Part One

We got an early start on our third day. In fact, we arrived at the Magic Kingdom over an hour before it opened! This really confused Lindsay-- she had no idea what was going on!

Instead of just Lindsay dressing up, I made matching shirts for the girls! Everyone commented on them-- from cast members to fellow guests!
As we got the Magic Kingdom, we were allowed a special entrance, even though the park was closed. I wanted to do this because we could take photos with the castle and with NO people in the background!!
Well... not MANY people I should say. :)

There were photographers lined up to take group shots... and we hit up each one:
I ordered the CD with all of the photos, and when it comes in I'll post the best ones.

Finally we walked over to breakfast. Lindsay was all ready surprised that we were having a sit-down breakfast... but nothing could prepare her for the next big surprise:
We were having sit-down breakfast with her favorite bear!
And all of his friends:
Our table was decorated for the celebration:
And after a quick visit with Piglet, we hit the buffet:
Lindsay enjoyed meeting Tigger:
And Eeyore (whose tail matched our shirts):
But of course the highlight was Winnie the Pooh:
When breakfast was over, our waitress brought Lindsay this sweet card from the gang:
Well fed and happy from our breakfast company, we stopped for one more photo by the topiary before trying to get ahead of the morning crowds:
This next photo is taken close to the castle, pointed towards the entrance. You can see the stampede coming from the opening show.
Eek! We scurried over to the first ride of the day... which I'll tell you about tomorrow!

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