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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day Two, Part 5

After an afternoon nap, we headed back over to Epcot to enjoy the World Showcase.

I knew it was walking distance from our hotel, but was impressed with how easy it was to get there!

We didn't explore the countries too much, rather just enjoyed the sites as we strolled.

(In France I had my favorite-- Grand Marnier Slushy.)

(In Morocco we enjoyed looking at the shops.)
(In Japan, Meris snapped this photo with the Epcot ball in the background.)

Care to guess which country this photo was taken in:
America! I was a little confused by that. But it made for a fun photo.

For dinner, we stopped in China:
After dinner we stopped for an amazing show of Chinese acrobats. It started with one girl hula hooping, then two other girls would throw additional hoops at her from either side. Exactly like the Wii game! Then she took ALL of the hula hoops and get them all going! Can you see the girl inside the hoops?
They are all rotating around her-- finger tips to toes!

Next, a photo shoot in the UK:
(Meris chatting.)
(I'm clearly too important to have my photo taken.)
(Lindsay is quite aware that we're not the only group who stopped for a photo in the phone booth!)

Once we made it back to Future World, we headed over to Spaceship Earth (the ride inside the Epcot ball). At the beginning of the ride they take your photo and at the end, they ask you some questions about you. Then, they compute a little video about your future! It's really cute and well done. Here is Lindsay using her Doctor skills to fix up Meris after a ski accident:
We headed back to the room to relax and wait for Elizabeth to arrive (bridesmaid flying in from NYC). On the way, we saw this going on by the beach:
It's an inflatable movie screen!
How fun! Chris has always wanted to watch movies in our backyard (he and his friends have a projector/sheet version of this that they use for the Super Bowl). Someday I'll have to look into buying something like this for him/the kids. I just might have to bribe our neighbors with free popcorn when I do!

Tomorrow: we finally hit Magic Kingdom!!

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