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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Happy Mardi Gras!

I wrote this on Friday with the plan of posting it sometime on Saturday morning. Things got a little hectic, though, so I'll post it today-- comprehensive details of the ball coming soon! 

The day is here!!

We've been planning:
And plotting:
And painting:
And painting:
And painting:
And celebrating:
But sadly, on Tuesday night, I got sick. Real sick. I immediatly went to the Doctor and pulled a Gma. I told him I HAD to be better by Saturday because I HAD to be there for King PD's parade! While everyone went to New Orleans, I made friends with gatorade and the thermometer:
The Doctor gave me a shot and a pill and told me to lay low. That would have been hard if I didn't feel so awful.

Amazingly I had a turn around and am feeling healthy enough to pass a good time with the Krewe tonight!!!

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