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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Lindsay's Bachelorette Weekend-- Day One

A 4:30am wake-up call is not usually something I can handle. But I lept out of bed ten minutes before my alarm went off on Thursday morning. Only one place can interrupt my sleep habits so drastically-- Walt Disney World!

After a quick trip through security, a meet-up with Meris (who flew in from Seattle) and some OJ from the Continental Club... I realized I forgot my cell phone in Chris' car. Doh! Quick phone call with Lindsay's phone to Chris... a sweet husband willing to drive back to the airport and a second round of security (this time with no bags or jacket... people must have been quite confused) we finally made it on to the plane:

We checked into our first hotel (Pop Century) and headed out for Animal Kingdom! But not before I gave Lindsay her outfit:
(The front of the shirt says, "No More Monkey Business")

At Animal Kingdom we rode a train to the top of Mount Everest... but there seemed to be a problem:
Thankfully it all turned out ok and we got to ride again!

Later that day we met some characters and informed them that we were on a bachelorette weekend. This prompted Pluto to check out Lindsay's bling:
Coming up next, our first trip to Epcot!

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