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Friday, February 11, 2011

More from Day One

After closing down Animal Kingdom, we headed over to Epcot.
We walked around Future World and were able to walk onto almost all of the rides.

In the Seas with Nemo and Friends there is a prop of Bruce (the shark) that kids can take their pictures in. I've wanted a photo with Bruce before, but there always seems to be a gang of stressed out parents yelling at their children to "Smile, dang it!", so I was very pleased when I found a lonely Bruce just waiting for a photo shoot:

After a while we headed over to Mexico in the World Showcase. They have a new quick-service restaurant with a patio on the lake which is a great spot to view the fireworks. So we grabbed a snack and hung out until the show. It was a wonderful way to end the day.
As we walked out, we were surrounded by hoards of Brazilian teenagers. Apparently they all come this time of year. There were nearly 50 in each group (led by a flag carrying adult) and they each had their own cheers that they yelled in Portuguese. I could tell some guests were annoyed at this... but for me, it brought back so many fun memories of Summer Camp! My only complaint is that I didn't get a copy of the cheer book so I could join in! That and the fact that they came rushing at us as we walked back toward the buses home. Meris captured our fear...
Day Two involves a hotel switch, an early visit to Hollywood Studios, a plan deviation, a second trip to Epcot and the arrival of another Bridesmaid!

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