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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

February Super Supper

I've had so much to share with PD's reign, that I need to catch up on Super Supper! 

February's Super Supper was very tasty. With all the dishes from Peace Meals, how could it not be?

Our menu started with Baked Artichoke Brie Spread (p. 54) made by Carrie:
 We all liked it, but agreed that we could half the cream and double the artichoke. It was a little heavy. 

Next Ashley made the Poached Egg and Spinach Salad (p. 114):
This would be a great brunch dish. We enjoyed it, but it was hard to leave room for the next three dishes!
Our main plate had Duck Breast Confit (p. 186) (hunted by Matt and prepared by Ashley) and Smoked Gouda Mashed Sweet Potatoes (p. 215) (made by me):
The duck was delicious as were the sweet potatoes. I don't know if either will become old faithfuls in my kitchen, but I would definitely make each again. Especially the sweet potatoes in the fall.

Lastly we had Warm Vanilla Bean Souffle (p. 249) made by me. We were really excited to try this. The recipe looked so good! We were so excited in fact that we tore into it before taking a photo! Here's half of the souffle:
It was really good... but I think our expectations were a little high. Again, not an old faithful, but a nice light dessert to serve again. 

This was our second month of the new format and I think we're going to stick with it. Peace Meals has some gems!

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  1. Yum! Everything looks so delicious. The best part is that you all are trying so many new things, critiquing them, and stretching your boundaries. Kudos to all you cooks!