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Saturday, March 5, 2011

The King and The Krewe

Finally it was parade time! Johanna, Laura and I went to see PD among the crowds:
Then we headed inside to greet the guests and add last minute glow sticks to the centerpieces.

Before long, it was time to grab a spot near the gates for the parade. Yes, the parade actually ends by going through the ballroom! It's by far the best part about the Krewe of Orion. Gma scooted up right next to Jojo and I. My dear friends, Magoosters, Ashley and Jackie were also close by. It was a wonderful way to cheer on the boys.
The marching bands were great, the Queen and Maids were beautiful... then 3,000 people erupted in cheers when the King rode in:
After the King's float is the Sword and Shield float-- where PD usually rides with Chris and Justin. This is Justin unloading on the fans:
The rest of the floats came in and then it was finally time for dancing!
And hula-hooping:
Some picture taking:

More picture taking when the boys joined us from their ride:

At the King's party, PD's children and spouses bought him an authentic washboard for him to play. We brought it out at the ball:
PD was a pro... and it looks like Jeremy's found a new talent as well...
It was a such a fun, special evening I know I can't capture it in words and photos... but that's a taste!

Afterwards we headed back to the Hilton for the after party. That included pizza by the slice, a food eating contest, some 'celebrities' from LA and lots of laughter. We even second-lined through the lobby and out into the streets sometime around 4:30am. 

Chris and I were having so much fun with our friends and family that we couldn't go to bed! Finally around 6am we sneaked back to the room and took a quick nap before Sunday's festivities began!

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