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Friday, March 4, 2011

Morning of the Orion Ball

Saturday morning was a little rough:
(Photo of my dad, courtesy of my mom.)

We ladies ran over to the River Center to set up our centerpieces:
And put out the swag bags (which included koozies, cups and 2nd line handkerchiefs... all with PD's name and likeness).

 The boys were in charge of PD's King's Centerpiece. Chris' motto is go big or go home.
He chose to go big. After they got it all set up (and got the Mardi Gras floats to circle around the crown with spotlights...) he grabbed a beer and admired his work:
Here's the King's section:
And a little closer:
Later we rounded up again with PD. As a King for the people, PD wanted to parade from our hotel to the float starting point. So he hired a marching band and we all joined him:

PD greeted those who were already waiting in the streets with cheers and dancing:
When we made it to the stopping point he greeted and took photos with his guests:
Even the smallest of fans got some face-time with the King:
Soon Queen Ashley came downstairs to greet us and we had a great loud toast (to the fear of the hotel's staff).
We then sent the King off to greet the float riders and scurried back to our hotel to get ready for the grand ball!

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