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Saturday, March 12, 2011


I know what to call a 10:30am meal: Brunch. Also known as my favorite meal.

But what do you call a 2:30pm meal? Linner? Dunch? Well this weekend, the Brewers and Hills settled on Lupper.

And a tasty Lupper it was!

I first started by serving these crab cakes in a crab shell! So impressive! I tried to make it seem as though I had slaved over them all day (and not bought them pre-made at HEB) but somehow everyone could tell I was lying.

I think that photo is upside down... but I don't know how to fix it!

After making them at January's Supper Super, I knew I could rely on this new favorite next:
The Maple Salmon bites from Peace Meals were another crowd favorite!

We cooked as we talked and played with little Cameron (who just turned one!) and next up was my new favorite bread:
Dana, from the blog Made, posted a tutorial for this bread and I've made it about eight times since I first read it! Love it!

She also, posted a tempting soup... which I tried out for the first time:
(Why are all my photos off??)

Chris always laughs that I seem to try new dishes when we have company over. Which can be a dangerous thing! Thankfully, the soup was good... although Mark suggested some liquid crab boil to spice it up a bit. (And I agree-- it was a little bland for our taste buds!)

Also pictured is one of my favorite go-to salads. The recipe is a secret, though, so don't even think about asking! ;)

It was a really fun afternoon catching up with one of our favorite families. We hope to make the Lupper something of a tradition! I held Cameron for a while before they left and Gordon got jealous! So I picked them both up!
Good practice in case I ever have twins!

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