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Monday, March 14, 2011

More Shed Excitement!

Chris and I (but especially Chris) have loved having a shed in the backyard! (In case you missed it, here's where you can read about The Shed Weekend.)

But even though we love it, it is missing something. Something that this hole will fix:
This really long hole that my husband spent almost all day Saturday digging:
That hole is going to help provide electricity to the shed. Because every shed needs electricity, right? I mean, without it, how are we going to power deep freezer??

His second shed project of the weekend? A patio:

As much as I tease Chris about all the planting and outdoor work he does, I must admit I really like the way our backyard is shaping up. And I really did enjoy being his water girl for the weekend and watching him become more and more proud of his efforts.

But still, I'd kind of like my kitchen back.

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