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Monday, April 18, 2011

April Supper Club

We hosted our largest Supper Club this month and it was quite a success! Our chosen cookbook for the year, Peace Meals, inspired a tasty feast!

Michele and Robert arrived with boiled shrimp and homemade remoulade sauce. This was a bonus dish that Michele concocted... it's not in Peace Meals. 
Doesn't it look beautiful??

My appetizer was the Spicy Rosemary Cashews (p. 66):
 This was very easy and quite delish. I could see it in a cute little bowl at a Christmas party or in a jar wrapped with cute ribbon as a hostess gift. Not really great for an appetizer at a dinner party... but wonderful for a larger party, I think. 

We had plenty of time to socialize and snack on the appetizers:
(Notice the aprons... I need to make more aprons before the next large Supper Club... I only had enough for the first 4 girls who came!)
(The boys chose not to wear aprons.)

While Ashley worked on her amazing cake:
Stephanie helped... kind of... 
Carrie made Bulgar Wheat Pilaf with Currants (p. 214) which was extra impressive as I had only heard of about half the ingredients:
Ashley and Winne are working together to peel the beets for Ashley's Beet and Blood Orange Salad (p.110):
 And the outcome was beautiful:
 All all agreed, though, that for the work it required... there are other salads that are just as good and easier. Especially those beets-- they are not the easiest things to peel!

Here's our main dish with Carrie's Bulgar wheat and my Oven Roasted Bourbon Salmon (p. 165):
 I will absolutely be making the salmon dish again. It looked nice, tasted great and was so simple! (And healthy!)

After the meal Ashley brought out her finished dessert, Spiced Layer Cake with Berry Filling (p. 241):
Again, a hit! In fact, several went back for seconds... :)

The Peace Meals cookbook keeps impressing us with remarkable dishes that are (fairly) easy to create!

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