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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Big Surprise

When we gathered this weekend for Easter, we knew it would be a fun, family-centered weekend. The perfect kind of weekend to share good news!

It started on Good Friday when Chris and I drove to Plaucheville to spend time with Jeremy's family. (Jeremy is Johanna's husband. Johanna is Chris' sister). They gathered everyone together for a large family photo.

Jeremy yelled out, "everybody say cheese!"
We decided to take a second photo. Jeremy then yelled out, "everybody say, Johanna's pregnant!"


(Click on the photos to make them larger and you can see everyone's reaction. Half are happy, half are stunned. Chris was thinking, "did I hear that right?")

After we all realized what just happened, there was a lot of squealing, clapping, hugging and tears of joy:
Here I am trying to decode J&J's behavior the past three months:
They had stayed with us for a weekend and I swear I thought Jojo was drinking! Turns out, Jeremy was ordering Sprite and Tonics for her. And this explains why she didn't want to eat the eggs Benedict I made for breakfast! Hollaindaise sauce has raw egg in it. They sure pulled one over on us!

Here is the happy couple with the happy grandparents:

On Easter Sunday, we visited friends across the street and made the announcement there. Again, lots of squeals, hugs and tears of joy:
You can tell Jojo was happy to have the secret out.
(See proud papa in the background?)
Chris, Justin, Laura and I cannot WAIT to meet our little niece or nephew and Papa PD is ecstatic to meet his first grand-baby! It'll be a fun filled Thanksgiving and Christmas this year!!

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