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Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Peeps and Treats

Chris and I had a fun filled Easter weekend in Louisiana. It started in Plaucheville (also known as Jeremy-land)(Jeremy is Jojo's husband) and ended in Baton Rouge. I'm not one to arrive as a guest empty handed, so I made sure to whip up some treats for the weekend.

Which is why I have a (not so great) photo of these:
Peep Pops! I also made some without sprinkles and some that were pink... but for some reason I only stopped to snap a photo of these.
They were a hit!

I mean, who doesn't love sprinkles?
I had visions of making the "dirt" that's made from Oreo crumbles or the Easter "grass" that's made from green coconut flakes. But instead I just stuck them on a cookie sheet.

I also made a whole-lotta these:
Which, individually, look like this:
 They aren't as cute as the Peep Pops... but they sure are addictive!

It was a really fun, family-filled Easter weekend... keep checking back for updates this week... we might have some really fun news to share!

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