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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Decorating for Spring

It's finally time to decorate for Spring!

Last year I bought some pastel eggs and put them inside some little house containers we already owned (usually used with candles).

I bought some rabbit candle wreaths (they look like small wreaths and they're meant to lay flay with candles in the middle).
They were so cute in the store... but after two years of them... I'm started to think they look a little creepy...
This year I got a little crafty and decorated some candles:
The one on the left is a crown of thorns and the the words are "Paid in Full" in Hebrew.

I bought some hydrangeas (that will need a little refresh in a few days) and paired them with one of my favorite water pitchers (a wedding gift):
And to make lemonade out of lemons, I positioned Chris' grape plants in our greenhouse er... kitchen with some little pastel buckets.
I've gone a little wreath happy. After making this one for inside the door,
I fashioned this one for the outside:
I really like this one and plan to make more for different seasons (like one with only yellow and purple ribbons for LSU football).

Both wreaths are listed on my etsy store, but I'll be making replicas... I'm keeping the originals for myself! :)

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  1. Creepy rabbits! They look like little furry zombies. Remember the vintage post card I put out every Spring? We named it "The Angry Baby Chicks." Your home looks beautiful, and so swathed in color!