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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Crawfish and Boy Fashion

Chris and I recently went to our friends, the Smith's house for one of my favorite things this time of year:

I was worried about Chris' injury and his ability to peel and eat the tasty guys. But, to my amazement he was able to successfully get to the tail meat using only his left hand. I'm constantly amazed at what he's able to overcome while he's down a hand.

Here he is eating sushi with chopsticks with his left hand:
And he even bought the Playstation move controller so he can play video games:
But I digress...

The kids at the Smiths LOVED playing with their dinner:
When Barton (Tara and Lyon's oldest) woke up, Lyon went up and helped him get dressed. When they came downstairs. Barton had chosen this outfit:
Now why does that look so familiar? Something about the shoes and socks...
Ah! I know!
My dad has the same fashion sense! (Sorry for the turned photo... sometimes that happens and I can't seem to fix it!)

For years I've teased my dad for his decision to pair socks with those types of shoes...
But if one of the cutest kids I know can pull it off... maybe I need to give my old man a break.

Let's end with one more photo of the little cutie:
A toboggan and goulashes. Adorable!

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