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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Kings Party

Back in February King PD hosted a party to celebrate his reign for the Mardi Gras season. I did post about the amazing cake, but not many other details.  Just yesterday I got the photos... so I'm blogging about it a little late. :)

The night was so fun. Here are the King and Queen arriving:
And toasting:
(The court and past Kings and Queens joined them on the balcony.)

I bought my green dress about a year ago and was really excited to finally wear it!
The party was hosted at the Buff's house. They have a fabulous backyard that gives Chris envy every time we're there.
To the right of that photo is where the band set up. Here you can see King PD trying out the gift from his children... a washboard!
And here he is with the kids and the in-laws:
And with the geaux-to-girls:
The party lasted well into the evening and everyone agreed it was a wonderful time. The next morning we went back to collect the decorations and to help clean up. That's when we found these guys laying on the living room floor (they were part of the decorations on the balconies).

We had a good laugh... and I believe that photo got passed around facebook for about a week after the party!

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