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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Emily's Baby Shower

My mom co-hosted a baby shower for a dear family friend. The shower was held at Mrs. Kenna's house. The Kenna house is full of nooks and crannies decorated with unique items and curios.
Each item has a story. I love looking around imaging how each piece was acquired. Some were while on vacations, others were found at estate sales (Mrs. Kenna has a great eye for deals) and I'm sure others were gifts-- but they all hold special memories! 
Even the buffet centerpiece reflected the Kenna's style:

My mom asked me to help with the cupcakes and I was happy to oblige! I whipped up 3 dozen of these little cuties:
And here they are displayed for the ladies:
Once the party started, Emily opened her gifts:
If there's one thing I know it's a Wedding Shower. But this was one of about four baby showers that I've attended. It was fun making the switch from Kitchen-aides to baby outfits!
And check out this crabby-bottom cutie:
But the crowd pleaser had to be the large, stuffed pink poodle rocker. Oh yes, you read right. A large, stuffed, PINK poodle rocker!
Now all we need is the little girl to get here so she can try on her new outfits and enjoy all her new toys!

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  1. And a pleasing crowd it was! Such a lovely gathering of wonderful friends at Emily's shower.