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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Houston Museum of Natural Science

About once a week you'll find me at Houston's Museum of Natural Science. As a part of my Junior League duties, I am a docent at the HMNS. On my scheduled days I give museum tours to 4th graders. I wasn't great at science in school. But, with this volunteer duty, I don't have to know everything about science... I just have to know more than a 4th grader! And I usually do.

I've been seeing this poster outside of the elevator every time I go up there to volunteer:
I love the tag at the top, "Find out why you're so dang proud."

This is advertizing a special exhibit that is only being shown for a limited time. Because this exhibit costs more than regular admission, I am not able to take the 4th graders through it. But, I'm a proud Texan, dag-nabit, so I spent some time exploring the exhibit after my duties last Friday.

This is a replica of a ship:
I don't remember which ship, though. (Oops.)

I saw a replica of my favorite Texas flag:
Then, I turned and saw what I thought was a replica of a cannon:
But then I read the little plaque that informed me it's the real deal. Amazing!

I only had about 45 minutes, so I didn't get to explore every corner of the exhibit, but I felt it was very well done and hope to go back and learn more about my Texan heritage!

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