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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Lindsay's House!

My bestie, Lindsay, is getting married in 30 days. This weekend, she took her bridal portraits.

Unfortunately, I can't post the photos of her all dolled up and looking beautiful in her dress... but I CAN post photos of her fun apartment!

Lindsay lives with... well, I've lost count... but a TON of others. Others, like Elliot:
And these two characters:
Of course Winnie the Pooh is a roommate:
And Daisy, the Goldendoodle:
(There's just one of the real Daisy... but isn't this neat artwork?)

There's a pig that lights up and dances:
And another pig who has a donkey as a friend:
And of course, a foam ten-gallon cowboy hat.

I'm not sure how she gets anything done with all these characters hanging around... but I sure do enjoy visiting them!

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