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Monday, May 30, 2011

Day one-- On the road again

This morning started with a 4:45am wake-up call. Chris drove me to my parents house where they were ready to hit the road. In this:

The trusty Beard family Motor Home! My parents have traveled across the US and even up into Canada in this beast. The summer after I graduated college, I spent six weeks traveling with them. We went North-- up to Rushmore, then West to Yellowstone and further West to Crater Lake. Then we went South down the coast of California. It was a fun summer and I was able to see a lot of national symbols that many Americans never see.

This time, though, we headed East. To...

Louisiana! (Just for a quick driving break for my dad.)

There is a really interesting visitor's center at the Atchafalaya Basin where I was able to play with my new iPhone ap-- the Hipstamatic camera.

(The Hipstamatic ap makes your photo look vintage without you having to retouch them in any way.)

We were also treated to some Community coffee:

All too soon we were on the highway again. Due to our ridiculously early departure, I spent most of the drive sleeping:

The next drive break was in Mississippi. We planned to let my dad stretch his legs and get back on the road, but by chance he decided took a quick look at the engine.

Where he saw... a problem. How he can make sense of that mess is a mystery to me, but we spent THREE HOURS at the rest stop while he fixed it.

We finally got back on the road and although we had planned to be closer to our destination, we've had to improvise and are staying the night on the Florida border.

They also have what appears to be a really neat Visitor's Center, but it closed at 5pm. So I just walked around the building and played with the hipstamatic camera a bit more. My favorite:

Tomorrow's another early morning, but hopefully we won't have any other setbacks and we'll reach our destination! And assuming we do, I'll reveal it in tomorrow's 'live' post!

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