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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Tea Cups

When I was 5 my parents took me to Walt Disney World. One of my favorite rides was the Tea Cups:
I always wanted to ride with my dad because he could make them spin really, really fast!
But there was another requirement to my ride on the tea cups. It HAD to be a pink tea cup.
If I got to the front and there were no pink tea cups left... I would refuse to ride.

I've been back to Walt Disney World numerous times since then, but I have yet to ride in a tea cup that's any color other than pink.

I went last summer with my sister-in-law, Laura... and snapped this shot of her on our PINK tea cup:
And most recently on my solo camping adventure trip last week:
I didn't get the tea cup moving quite as fast as I remember my dad being able to... but I made SURE that the pink tea cup was mine!

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  1. So THAT'S why you wanted us to paint your bedroom bright pink!