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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Kid at Heart

I am a kid at heart. This can usually be seen by my quirky sense of humor or my love of G rated movies. But last week, it was proven by my ridiculous behavior at Walt Disney World. I mean, what kind of adult walks around in public wearing these:
(And by "these" I could be referring to the mouse ears OR the glasses!)

Well, ME that's who! And I loved every moment of it!

Moments like walking through Cinderella's castle:
(On the other side of those gates is Fantasyland:
Along the walls inside the castle gates is a wonderful mural of the Cinderella story:)
Moments like finding this wishing well and DIGGING through my purse to find a penny so I could make a wish!
Moments like refusing to go on this ride until I could get the color tea cup I wanted (more on that later):
Or seeking out Mrs. Incredible on May 8th so I could give her a Mother's Day hug:
And what about flying through the air? Isn't that so fun when you're a kid??

Here I am flying in a dinosaur (sorry for the squint; it was really sunny):
And flying in a rocket above Tomorrowland:
And waiting to fly over Neverland in a pirate ship!
Life is SO fun when you're a kid at heart!

Of course I had to have a kid's treat. I asked for a single scoop and the vendor asked, "would you like the mouse ears in it?" I didn't know what that meant... but I knew the answer:

So what if I my shadow looked a little silly?
Or that I ran around looking like this:
When you're a kid at heart you can rock the yellow 3D glasses, neon green plastic sunglasses AND pig-tails!

And then there was the  moment where I got to meet the big cheese himself. Now... I've always known the truth about Santa. And my parents were very practical and honest with their 5 year-old daughter when I asked questions about the characters at Disney World. But when I stood in line waiting for my turn to see Mickey and Minne, I couldn't help but get giddy. I re-did my pony-tail and made sure my mouse ears were just right. When another guest in line caught me doing this, she smiled knowingly. I have a sneaking suspicion that she was a kid at heart too!


  1. You are full of awesomeness. I love this about ou. Never lose it! Someday we will go be kids at Disney together!!

  2. Katie you are amazing -- I would never go on vacation alone, and camping --- You go girl !!
    Super Woman !!