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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Campsite

After landing at the Orlando airport, I hopped on the Disney bus to my campsite. Before getting there, though, they dropped other guests off at other resorts. Which just teases a camper like me.

First we passed this beautiful resort:
And this one:
And finally we saw this sign:
And after a quick check-in I was taken to this beautiful plot of land:
Um... can I go back to that first resort??

But it wasn't too long before I made this little plot of land my home:
As someone who doesn't love to be outside for long periods of time... it was kind of a big deal that I chose to camp-out for a week... alone. But once that last tent pole was staked into the ground I actually put my fist up in the air. Victory! It was a proud moment.

It's a four man tent and is tall enough in the middle for me to stand-up in. It was actually quite roomy:
I strung Christmas lights around the outside so I'd have light when I came home at night. And I strung Chinese lanterns on the inside so I'd have a nice glow as night before I went to sleep:
Having light at night is a big deal for a lady camping alone. Keeps the boogy man away. (That and my bear alarm and my air horn!)

I rented a bike for the week and this little beach cruiser took me everywhere I needed to go at the campground!
I was impressed with how many bike racks there were at the grounds.

Each morning I woke up and zipped on my bike to the marina (to catch the boat) or the bus stop. One morning, I found many more bikers sharing the road:
There was a triathlon going on! Do you think they noticed I wasn't in the race?
(Imagine me on this with flip-flops and a long skirt...)(And it's a beach cruiser-- to apply the breaks you push back on the pedal!)

I texted Chris and told him that's probably the closest I'll ever get to participating in a triathlon!

One night, I biked over to the campfire. There they had a movie and a roaring fire. I ordered my food to go and enjoyed Tangled!
(On the left is the large movie screen.)

Then, I picked up some marshmallows and a roasting stick for dessert!
(On the right is a nice campfire and benches to sit on while you roast your marshmallows!)

That was one of my favorite nights!

When it was time to leave, I packed my bags. Can you believe I survived a full week with only the contents of these two suitcases and two carry-ons?
Like a good girl scout, I left my campsite clean, with one exception:
I left my beloved quillow. I made this quillow (it's a quilt that folds into a pillow!) with my mom and my best friend Lindsay when I was 16. Over a decade of use and love, it was very worse for the wear and I had decided that this camping trip would be its last time to keep me warm. After packing up everything else, I gently folded it and placed it on the table. I'm sure it is now playing with all the other well-loved blankets at the campsite in the sky...
Of course the camping portion was just a tiny part of my adventure at Walt Disney World... Coming up: Restaurant Reviews, Ride Re-caps and Tricky Transportation!

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