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Monday, May 16, 2011

Katie Goes Camping

I spent last week at Walt Disney World. Camping. By myself.

Before we go any further, I'd like to get one thing out in the open: I get that this isn't the most normal of vacations. Most 29-year-old American ladies don't travel alone. Or camp. Or camp alone. Or go to Disney World. Or Camp at Disney World... I could go on... and I understand that most people don't quite understand my unique vacation choice. But, it was an amazing week. I truly believe that traveling alone is something everyone must try. Of course I missed my darling husband, but I sure did have a blast!

With all that said, here is a tiny snippet of photos... don't worry mom, I'll be posting a lot more in the coming days!

The Disney World archway:
My home for 6 nights:
First ride of the trip? Space Mountain!
Later I rode the classic, Dumbo:
(More on that later.)

And thankfully, I only saw two types of mice while camping:
Mickey and...

And my Minnie Mouse Ears:
At night I meandered through the parks, soaking in the sites:
And enjoying the magic:
For the Nervous Nellys (aka my parents)(who thought I had lost my mind when I told them what I was doing):
I was in constant contact with my husband, I took many safety precautions at the campsite to make it appear as though two people were staying there (the campsite is part of Disney's property) and I stayed on constant guard to make sure no one knew I was alone (both at Disney World and on Facebook, etc). I never felt scared or unsafe except for once-- when a squirrel tried to attack me through the roof of my tent.  I don't recommend this kind trip for everyone, but for me-- it was wonderful.

I'm pretty sure this photo sums up the week pretty well. That's me in the back. I'm riding Splash Mountain alone... and having a blast!

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