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Friday, June 3, 2011

Day five-- Epcot

Another early morning found us in line waiting to enter Epcot:

We enjoyed riding Soarin' (three times!) as well as Test Track and Mission Space before entering the World Showcase. Here is one of my favorite places to stop, the miniature train in Germany.

And here are my parents in Italy:

We made our way Epcot where we ate at Les Chefs de France. My mom and I had some escargot (SO good) and I enjoyed a great tasting (but not so great looking) French onion soup:

We really enjoyed the food, but found there was a huge problem. There was a RAT in the kitchen!

Don't worry, it's just Chef Remy, from ratatouille! This was an interactive 'show' that was really cute and well done.

The heat, the walking and the tasty food got to everyone and we headed back to the Motor Home for a loooooong nap. My mom decided she wanted to continue to rest, so my dad and I headed over to the Magic Kingdom to watch the fireworks, castle light show and the parade. We were also able to squeeze in a ride on Aladin's magic carpets:

We ended the night with the parade and we are all looking forward to a somewhat slow day tomorrow.

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  1. WDW stole Electrical Parade from Disneyland! lol What is your favorite country to visit in EPCOT?