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Monday, June 6, 2011

Day seven-- Late Night

Yesterday we woke up a little past the alarm, but we made up for it by staying up very late!

It started in Animal Kingdom,

Where my dad and I rode Expedition Everest... twice!

Later, after a nap, we headed out to the Magic Kingdom and my dad was very excited for us to ride the steam train around the park.

We very much enjoyed being at the park after dark. When the sun sets, it's MUCH cooler and allows for some neat photos:

Once it was dark we stepped into Mickey's Philharmagic,

where we enjoyed a 3D show:

After watching the castle show, the fireworks AND the electric light parade we decided to stay in the park and enjoy the low crowds and cooler weather. It was around midnight at this point!

Although the park officially closed at 11pm, they stayed open until 2am for those staying on Disney property.

We were able to walk onto most of the popular rides!

Even though it was ideal touring conditions, it was getting quite late, so we sauntered back to our campsite.

We turned off the alarm and prepared to sleep late for our last day at Walt Disney World.

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  1. This makes me miss Disney sooo much! I can't read anymore :(