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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Father's Day and the 9th hour

Last Thursday was a lazy one for Chris, Kdog and I. We were on three different sofas with three different lap tops doing three different things. I'm sure the boys were researching sports statistics  or more efficient grilling techniques... I was joining and learning about pinterest.com (find me, I'm katiekomo!).

It was around 7:30pm when I heard ping alerting me to an e-mail. It was from a fellow etsy member who had the perfect Father's Day gift idea pop into her head... three days before Father's Day! I don't know the whole story, but from what I gather... her dad's dad said a quotation that has been mentioned in the family more than once since, "If you don't straighten out, then you'll be diggin' ditches for a living."

I'm guessing her dad did straighten out because now he owns a very successful business with lots of employees (including her). Her idea was to put that quotation in vinyl in his office. Never forget where you came from, yes?

So after a few hours of choices being thrown back and forth, we landed on this proof a few minutes shy of midnight:
And the next morning I cut it and brought it to the post office. One overnight shipping envelope later and the vinyl was on the way to Florida! Now, I'm a plan B kind of person, so I was a little nervous at what might happen if it didn't arrive in time or was damaged or something. I literally had NO plan B!!

I was able to exhale when I got an e-mail the next day-- it had arrived and was being put-up!
(Brilliant use of tape to ensure the words were straight!)

And it turned out quite nice:
Now, a plan B is good for gifts to. And my fellow etsy member also had no back-up plan. She just put it up there and waited for Monday morning. Hoping not to get fired for breaking into the boss' office and doing some wall decorating!

But he loved it! Well... he didn't hate it. And that's a big thing for Father's Day presents. What is it about men that makes them SO hard to shop for??

Often when I'm creating items for others with etsy, I think about how the finished product will be used or displayed. What a treat to not only get to see my product's final destination, but to hear the story behind it!

So a Happy Father's Day to Mr. Serra. He's sure got a thoughtful daughter!

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