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Monday, June 20, 2011

The Royal Wedding of Texas Part Three

As all the bridesmaids and the bride headed to the church, we giggled and joked and basically tried to keep Lindsay from crying (tears of joy!).
Once we got to the church, there was some question as to whether Brent was hidden away in the "groom's room" so I guarded the bus until the coast was clear:
Thankfully, it was clear, so no one had to see my funny face. (uh...)
The happy bride!

We then paraded through the church and into the Bride's room.
Where we saw this gorgeous bouquet!
Of course there was a little primping:
And some memory preservation (also known as photographs and videos!):
The ceremony was amazing. Beautiful flowers, beautiful bride, beautiful music...

And then the party started!
Breathtaking room!

Hilarious groom's cake:
And an amazing band! A-maz-ing. I need a better word. Best band I've seen and I've been to quite a few wedding and quite a few Mardi Gras balls.

I'll leave with another shot of the tables at the reception:
After the ceremony I welcomed Lindsay to the "married ladies club" and I look forward to the new adventures that we'll have (with each other, with our husbands... and just maybe with some bambinos!).

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  1. Great photos. You captured the beauty of the evening, especially the bride and the flowers. The photo of you on the bus reminded me of the phrase "Katy bar the door!", meaning to take precaution, or, in hockey, play defensively. Or in this case, keep a sharp eye out for the groom!