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Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Hills Hit Houston Part One

For Father's Day weekend, Chris' immediate family came to Houston. It was a wonderful visit!

Because there are five of them and two of us, it's usually easiest for Chris and I to drive to Baton Rouge... so it was really nice to have the chance to host them.

The weekend started off low-key. The family drove in a few hours before dinner so we had a chance to catch up, laugh and do some cheers/toasts.

Here are Justin and Jeremy with their (unplanned) matching outfits:
Tootie (Justin and Laura's dog) also visited:
I think she came because she wanted to play with Gordon, but my anti-social dog wanted none of that. Poor Tootie!

I prepared a really tasty (if I do say so myself) entree from the Williams Sonoma catalog: Rolled Flank Steak.
Although easier than it looks, it's impossible (I think) to make it look as pretty. But I tried my hardest!
Later we tried (unsuccessfully) for a group shot at dinner:
The evening turned to night which turned into late night... it's always nice to tell stories and laugh with the family. 

The next morning we went on various shopping excursions... but not before taking two cute pics.

One of the ladies:
And one of the men:
That night, Chris and I took them to a Houston tradition... which I'll tell you about tomorrow!

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