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Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Hills Hit Houston Part Two

On Saturday evening, we took the Baton Rouge Hills (and Couvillions) to a Houston tradition:
Miller Outdoor Theater!

I've been going to these free performances since I was a very young child. There is a large theater with covered seating and a larger hill for picnic goers. Although I've been to Miller countless times, I think I've only sat in the covered area twice. It's just so much more fun to lounge and enjoy the performance from the hill.

We had our picnic basket full of snacks and wine... but my dad made one last important addition:
You can't have a picnic without watermelon, right? Except there was one problem: my dad didn't bring a knife! Thankfully PD had a Swiss Army knife and somehow my dad was able to get the watermelon open!
It is was a good thing because everyone enjoyed it:
Especially Justin:
Miller Outdoor Theater plays host to a variety of performance arts and this night it was hosting the Houston symphony.
We all enjoyed our time on the hill and I was so happy to share this part of Houston with my Louisiana in-laws.
One last cute tidbit: Chris and I met the summer of 2007 and many of our early dates included Miller Outdoor Theater.

Here we are on the hill on one of our very early dates:
And here we are in 2011 on the same hill:
I'm sure there will many more memories made (and photos taken) by us at Miller Outdoor Theater!

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