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Monday, July 11, 2011

Life imitating craft?

I received a custom order in my shop not too long ago. It was a wreath to be used at a birthday party. The client is my new etsy friend, Stacy. She saw this wreath in my shop:

She loved the idea, but wanted it to coordinate with the colors she had chosen for her son's birthday party, navy and lime green.

Although she knew she could probably make the wreath herself, she's a busy working mom and decided to delegate the task to me. I'm a big fan of DIY, but I'm also a big fan of delegating when life becomes too hectic. So, I was happy to set up a custom order!

She needed a larger wreath for her larger door so I set out at measuring, cutting, gluing, placing and gluing again tons of navy and lime green ribbons.

Navy and lime green, navy and lime green, navy and lime green... the outcome was adorable:
I was tempted to make another one for our house!
Although I can usually crank these out within a few days, Stacey's deadline was very lenient-- she didn't need it until August! So she kindly allowed me to take my time with the navy and lime green. But a funny thing happened during the three week period that I worked on it... I started unconsciously choosing to wear navy and lime green! At least twice a week I'd go into my closet, pick out a lime green shirt and navy skirt... only to realize later in the afternoon that I was matching my project!

Sure enough, here is what I was wearing the day the wreath went in the mail:
(The lighting's not great, but trust me-- that's lime green.)

Stacey loves the wreath and I am confident that she's going to throw an adorable birthday party. I'm so honored to be able to help in a small way towards the celebration!

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  1. That is so awesome! I would order lime green, black and a splash of purple! :)