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Friday, July 8, 2011

The Hills Hit Houston-- bonus post!

Although I've already written about the amazing weekend we spent with our Louisiana family... there is a HUGE part that I left out. And I've finally been given permission to share it now.

When everyone arrived PD let me know that he'd brought a newspaper with him so I could have the coupons (I'm desperately trying to become a couponer, thanks to the help of the "couponmom.com"). I thanked him and kept preparing dinner... no need to interrupt my rolled steak for a free tube of toothpaste!

Later, we sat down for dinner and PD informed me that Minnie Mouse had been kidnapped from Disney World. I was shocked! How could that happen? Where was the character handler? PD said there was a huge article in the newspaper and Justin kindly brought me the newspaper to read. Well, we were in the middle of dinner so I thanked him and left the paper folded on the table. I wasn't going to interrupt dinner for a Minnie Mouse story!

A few minutes later PD mentioned that LSU football was in trouble and there was an article explaining the situation in the newspaper. Chris, immediatly grabbed the newspaper to read the story. I guess LSU football is worth the interruption!

As soon as Chris opened the paper, he saw this:

He turned to me and said, "you might want to see this."
I knew I wasn't pregnant... I knew Johanna had already told us she was pregnant... and I knew that Laura had been drinking beers all night! So... what was going on?!

I dutifully turned to page 4A where I saw this:
A closer look at the sonogram shows that this is Laura and Justin's baby!!!!

I was so happy that I created this delightful face:
And hugged the new mom:
Turned out Justin was drinking beers all night and refilling the bottles with water for Laura. What? I was foiled again! I told the group that I wasn't a good Sherlock Holmes and PD quipped I wasn't even a good Watson! Touche.

Laura and Justin had woken up early that morning and put this special newspaper on PD's front lawn. That's how he found out. Later, on the car ride over to Houston, they had shared the newspaper with Jeremy and Johanna:
Laura and Johanna's babies will be about two months apart. Chris and I are SO excited to meet another niece or nephew in January! And we're especially delighted for Justin and Laura who will be amazing parents.
I'm sure it will be a house full of creativity, learning and laughter:

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