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Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Circus is in Town!

While in Buffalo to celebrate the wedding of Uncle Dewey and Deb... I got to see a pint-sized circus!

I didn't get an outside photo of the circus van... but here's an inside view:
What you don't see is little Avery in the way back, the two ring leaders (in the front seat) OR the MASSIVE amount of movement that was occurring! As one little circus performer would receive his juice box, another juice box would come flying out of the window!

Here, Uncle Bob is posing with the "Incredible Matching Cousins!"
Rya (the older girl) is also a Lion Tamer. And Avery (the younger one) can grow flowers out of her head!

Next up are the impossible to differentiate twins!
Again, that photo doesn't show near the amount of movement that was reality. These two "little" guys are dense 30 pound bundles of energy! And even though their parents would say there's differences between them... I'm pretty sure one is just a clone of the other. Thankfully, one bumped his head so I could tell them apart by the bruise. (Did I just say thankfully a kid got hurt?!)

One of the Impossible do Differentiate Twins (don't ask me which one... this is pre-bruise) doubles as a golf ball wrangler!
That movement is a bit more indicative to the reality of these 5 little performers.

Here they are posing for what I assume is a publicity shot:
This happy circus is part of the Hill Krewe and they were a JOY to play with! As one child would near the canal, another would near the street... while yet another would near the fire pit. The moms would chase them around bouncing them back towards the  middle (like little pin balls) and the kids would preform exciting acts for everyone's enjoyment. Acts like: Chair on Table, Corn on Ground, Grassy Corn Tastes Alright to me! and Entering a Room while Falling Down. I loved holding (when they would let me!), wrangling (to the best of my ability) and influencing (I taught 4-year-old Rya about the importance of voluntarism on the college resume) these little cousin's of Chris'. But probably the most fun part was watching PD watch the circus. His Baton Rouge compound is about to have two little in-residence performers... and I have a feeling he'll be a great Ringleader! 

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