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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Boat Ride

Chris loves Buffalo wings. I know very little about them, except that they are not, in fact, made of buffalo. Turns out, they were invented in Buffalo, New York. I found this out during my recent trip north. I also found out (thanks to my pal, Harley) that in Buffalo, they simply call them "wings".

The gang decided we should eat some authentic "wings" so we loaded up Uncle Dewey's boat and headed down the canal.
Uncle Dewey (or should I say "Captain Dewey") steered us straight... with a little help from his adorable grand-daughter:
  Woah! Watch the water, Dewey!
As we passed people on the banks, PD would greet them from the boat and even encouraged a few cheers.
A short half hour later we were docked and ready to enjoy some wings. Our party of twelve doubled the amount of people in the place and I'm pretty sure we shattered their record for "number of wings sold on a random Monday night".
Although a pain to eat, "wings" aren't that bad! In fact, I have to admit I liked them! Chris was so pleased. In addition to the tasty wings, I also thoroughly enjoyed getting there by boat. It was another grand adventure in Buffalo!


  1. Are you going to fix some? Soon? I wanta try 'em!

  2. YAY! I'm so glad you like them and Yes very important that you call them wings teehee