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Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Different Kind of Draw Bridge

*I'm back from Buffalo and finally able to post about the trip! I wrote some fabulous, hilarious blogs while there... but my iPad app, Blogpress failed me and wouldn't post them. After I shook my fist at them, I re-wrote the blogs... if you find them to be anything less than fabulous or hilarious, please blame Blogpress, not me.*

During our time in Buffalo, we spent a large amount of time on Uncle Dewey's front lawn. We had a circus show of children, multiple dogs roaming, a grill-out and too many lawn games to count!

We also got to see that drawbridge in action!

Now I've seen two types of drawbridges. One is where the bridge divides in the middle and both banks have half of the bridge on each side. The other is similar, but the bridge doesn't divide.

But I've never seen a "drawbridge" like this one:
It rises up like an elevator! Have you ever seen such a thing?? I hadn't!

Every time a boat would come by, the lights on the bridge would flash and the bells would ring. On Saturday we were all on the lawn and when those bells rang we'd gather on the banks to prepare for our cheer:
ooooooOOOOOOOOO!!!! Welcome to Gasport!

The people in the boats were so tickled that many of them drove by twice! Just another day with the Hill Krewe... :)

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