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Friday, August 19, 2011

Lockport Inn

During my time in Buffalo, I was able to stay in the charming Lockport Inn.
The Lockport Inn is the kind of hotel that might be featured in a scary movie. At first in all seems quaint and lovely:
But take a step closer (deary)... to see a flickering "open" sign and an elderly couple ready to check you in...
Later you'll find some lovely potted plants:
Wait a minute... is that the lamppost from Narnia?
Yep! I'm pretty sure it is! But look, all of the animals have turned into stone!
And the children!
 Even the clergy aren't immune to the White Witch's spell!
All of this was a little concerning... but then we found our room... (cue scary music)...
Fake flowers!!!! There are very few reasons that fake flowers are acceptable. And if they are used, they shouldn't be dusty. Actually, this photo makes them look much nicer than they were in real life.

But don't worry, not all the flowers were fake. Here is a potted plant outside:
Can you spot the flower that God didn't make?

In the end, it was nice staying in a non-chain hotel. It added a little charm and adventure to the experience. Plus, it gave us a chance to enjoy this little gazebo:
And take in some fresh air on the patio:
And in the end, no one really got turned to stone or killed...the elderly couple weren't scary murderers (just a little too fond of statues and fake flowers) and we never heard any ghosts or zombies (though our group did provide some late night noises) so I guess it isn't all that scary after all.

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