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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Niagara Falls

Once again I've been chastised by my mother for not posting regularly. Sorry to all (or, more appropriately I should say "both") of my faithful readers. :)

Niagara Falls is pretty spectacular. On thing I didn't realize is that there are actually TWO falls. The American side:
And the Canadian side:
We stood at the very top of the American side and it was amazing to me how calm the water was! This is just feet away from the falls:
By the time you see what's coming, it's too late!
Scary stuff!

Here we are traveling down to the base of the American Falls, with the Canadian Falls in the background (you can't really see the Canadian Falls, so don't hurt yourself trying).
 And now, here we are at the base of the American Falls-- this was right before the Hurricane Deck!
For friends that haven't seen me in a while... no, I have not gained a massive amount of lumpy weight. That was my jacket tied around my waist, my purse and my shoes all bundled up inside the poncho. Promise.

After we enjoyed the American Falls, we traveled over to Canada. I've visited the US/Mexico border many times, but never US/Canada. I was surprised to see how clean it was!
This was an exciting moment for me as I was able to get my first stamp in the new passport (with the new name)! It's the little things.

From Canada we could get a view of the American Falls. The "rogue" waterfall to the right is where we were at the Cave of the Winds:
Lastly, proof that I visited Canada and Niagara Falls:
In case there were any doubters.

Mom, your welcome. Although this concludes my whirlwind tour of Buffalo (and the surrounding area), I have many in-town adventures piling up that will be blogged about soon(ish)!


  1. Love the photos! This is one of my favorite places to see. Our first time to see the falls was in 1971. We stayed at a rooming house just down from the falls, where we could hear them "falling" all night. When we returned several years later, it just seemed amazing that the falls were still falling! I recommend seeing the neat old film, "Niagara" with Marilyn Monroe for great scenes, especially of the American side.

  2. SO so jealous! I'm definately going to make a trip up there someday soon!!