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Friday, September 2, 2011

Peking Duck

A few weeks ago, Jojo, Laura and Jeremy came in town for a visit (sadly, Justin couldn't make it). Although I'm sure they just wanted to spend time with their favorite Houston couple... there might have been an ulterior motive.

There was a baby store in Houston that closed it's doors and had amazing deals on baby... stuff. So the two moms (and good-spirited dad) loaded up their truck with the stuff. Which they then kept in our house for the remainder of the weekend:
Between a living room full of nursery furniture and three house guests... we had some tight quarters during a fun weekend of family bonding!

On Saturday of that weekend, our friends the Rainey's hosted a dinner in Houston's Chinatown. It was amazing!

Basically we sat down at a large table with a very large lazy susan. Michelle ordered up a bunch of food and we dined.

Here is a shot of the table:
Clearly I was too excited about the food to take a photo of it when it came out... so this is after the vultures er, guests devoured it.

The highlight of the evening (besides the great company) was the Peking Duck.
Delish! Michelle explained how to eat the duck. First you take a bread-like-substance (found in the back of the next photo), then you put the duck in the middle (like a sandwich) and include the sauce and toppings (found in the front of the next photo).
After the FULL meal (and did I mention "bring your own wine"?) we rolled out of the restaurant, vowing to never eat again!

Here are the boys of the meal, with happy faces and full bellies!

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  1. When I read this I thought of Julie and Julia movie where she makes the duck towards the end. If made right, I bet it tastes awesome!