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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hill Work Weekends

A few months ago, Jojo and Jeremy needed help getting their house ready for the baby. This included some yard work, electric work and a room redo (guest room to nursery). The other members of the family (and friends) pitched in and they hosted the first Hill/Couvillion work weekend!

Not long after that weekend, Chris and I decided we needed a patio immediatly. Actually it was all Chris' idea. You can read about that weekend here. Again, we had members of our family (and friends) pitch in to complete a massive project.

As any good Aggie will tell you, once you do something twice, it must become a tradition... so the Hill family Work Weekends were born! Basically each of the three siblings will pick a weekend during the year when they will focus on getting things done around the house. And the other two siblings (plus other family and friends) will pitch in. A great way to get a huge project (or many little projects) done faster. It also forces the homeowners to prioritize their needs and is a fun time for everyone to get together.

This past weekend, it was Laura and Justin's turn. They needed some things done in the yard:
(How you dig those mank-tops?)(Mank-top = man tank top.)

A fresh coat of paint in the family room:
huge room... AND the ceiling:
As well as another room redo-- again, guest room to nursery:
Due to the paint fumes, the pregnant ladies (Laura and Jojo) were not allowed in the house. So they grabbed me and the three of us went on a bit of a shopping spree. I feel like I'll need to work twice as hard next year since I didn't really do much this year.

Tootie, being not pregnant, was given an important job-- guard the paint supplies:

Can you tell who in this photo did manual labor all day and who went shopping?
Justin is smiling... but his eyes are closed. Jeremy is not smiling.

How about this photo? Who did manual labor here:
Aha! Trick question! PD did the manual labor, but Jojo is also sleeping. I guess growing a baby is tiring...

Chris and I enjoyed being able to give back to our family... and we'll look forward to next year's round of Hill Work Weekends. I already have a list ready... ;)

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