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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Chris turns 30-something

When you were a child, did you ever hear someone say they forgot how old they were? Or see them have to stop and think before answering? When I was younger, I remember thinking those adults were lying.

Well Chris is now 30-something is he's starting to pause when asked how old he is. I know he's in the range of 32-35... but I also have to think about it. Good grief.

Anyway, Chris had a birthday. Not sure which one... but I'm sure there was cake! And, at the Birthday boy's request it was total chocolate, inside and out:

(I, being, a good wife, ordered the LSU colors.)

It was a low-key day. Chris requested that after church we watch football, eat pizza and drink beer.

But he didn't want just any pizza, he wanted to make his own triple meat, quadruple cheese pizza. I wasn't involved at all in the process, but I could hear him happy in the kitchen (complete with the kitchen-aide mixer so he could make his own pizza dough). It looked amazing:
He put herbs in the dough, three meats on the pizza (Italian sausage, pepperoni and something that I don't remember) and eight cups of mozzarella cheese. It was every man's dream:
Then we cut into it.

I really don't know where to begin...

Our first hint that something might be "off" was that the dough was still... dough-y. As though it hadn't been cooked at all. Then we tasted it. I don't have the words. It was sweet and gross at the same time. Really, an awful crust.

Come to find out, Chris hadn't measured the sugar for the crust (which he made from scratch)... he just "put a handful of it" in the bowl. In his defense, he made an amazing pizza on this birthday two years ago... but this one, nope.

So we put the pizza aside and went straight to cake.
And since he hadn't had much of the "gross pizza" dinner... Chris had an extra large serving:
You can see... it took up most of the plate.

But his 30-something Birthday did not start OR end with this at home, low-key celebration.

At work, he was called into an important meeting, which ended up being:
Surprise birthday cake for Chris!

And we had cake AGAIN at the Baton Rouge Hill Family Weekend.

Happy Birthday, Sweetheart...
Here's to forgetting your age for many, many more years together!

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